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Land Girls - The Homecoming

"Unputdownable" Ria S, Netgalley

What's it about?

Land Girl Connie Carter thought she’d finally left her past behind once and for all when she married Henry Jameson, Helmstead’s vicar and the love of her life. Headstrong Connie and mild-mannered Henry might be different as chalk and cheese, but she’s determined to be the best wife she can be and prove the village gossips wrong! But Connie doesn’t really believe that she belongs in Henry’s genteel world of tea-drinking and jam-making, and the cracks are already starting to show.

When Connie’s heroism makes her front page news, her past comes back to haunt her in a terrifying way. A different kind of war has come to Helmstead, and soon it’s a fight for both their marriage and their lives…



There are over twenty reviews of this book on Netgalley and other reviews on Amazon.

"A fantastic read." Sara M, Netgalley ****

"There was enough drama, twists and turns to keep me hooked as I literally read the book in two large chunks." Kelly F, Netgalley ****

"unexpected twists that made it even more enjoyable." Jill C, Netgalley *****

"Full of fantastic characters with courage, strength and compassion. Beautifully written." Lisa K, Netgalley *****

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