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Memories of a Tyrant

Memories Cover - Copy.jpg

"Roland Moore’s script is a surprisingly intricate one with lots of interlocking pieces, detailed dialogue, and some fantastic twists and turns that really keep you guessing...absolutely intriguing from start to finish" Michael Goleniewski in Mac Indie User.

Review in Mac Indie User here

Review in All Stories Matter here

"Being familiar with Roland Moore’s work on Survivors, you’ll understand that him writing such a well done story is a given at this point...I cannot stress how stunning this release is." All Stories Matter.

Review in Sci-fi Bulletin here

"After five years, Six and Peri return in possibly the best stories of the year." DoctorWhoTV Roundup of the year

Review in Cult Box here

"He provides a script which definitely kept us guessing, with more than one occasion where we were wrong footed. There are also a couple of superb cliff-hangers along the way." Ian McArdell in Cultbox.

"Moore is very good at throwing curveballs at the audience (and those within the fiction). There are some definite what the hell moments that spark the story off in a new direction." Paul Simpson, Sci-fi Bulletin.

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