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"One of their (the Weeping Angels) scarier outings. The script is fast-paced and full of incident, offering set piece after set piece."

Doctor Who Magazine (on 'Stone Cold')

"‘Fade Out’ by Roland Moore is a highlight not just of this set but arguably the whole series." Sci-fi Bulletin (on Survivors)

"Moore’s a multi-level writer, he won’t ever leave you hanging on a single story-strand."                                Warped Factor

"‘Roland Moore’s Moonshine is another well-rendered twin-track story, that’s particularly impressive in terms of its character development." Cultbox (on Star Cops)

"Roland Moore’s script is a surprisingly intricate one with lots of interlocking pieces, detailed dialogue, and some fantastic twists and turns that really keep you guessing."


"It's a contender for Big Finish's strongest release of the year."

Doctor Who Magazine (on 'Night Witches'.

"He provides a script which definitely kept us guessing, with more than one occasion where we were wrong footed.." Cultbox.

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