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Land Girls - The Promise

What's it about?

I’ll come for you, Iris. Mark my words!’

When a murder rocks the quiet village of Helmstead, seventeen-year-old Land Girl, Iris Dawson, is determined to prove her friend and local gamekeeper Frank Tucker’s innocence. But when she exposes Vernon Storey, the real murderer, her once happy life at Pasture Farm soon becomes a nightmare. Already running from the ghosts of her past back home in Northampton, Iris is now haunted by Vernon, who is out there somewhere and has promised to have his revenge.

Iris has never forgiven herself for the tragedy that destroyed her family and how, as a child, she failed her mother, and now the new surrogate family she has at Pasture Farm is fracturing around her. No one believes she is in danger, or that those she loves could also be Vernon’s targets in his bid to escape the law, so she must face this battle on her own. A battle that this time, Iris cannot afford to lose, culminating in a desperate race against time to save another innocent life, and to take back her own, once and for all.


2018 (average 4.6 stars out of 5/ 139 reviews on Amazon).


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