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Updated February 2023



FALLEN - the adaptation of the best-selling book by Lauren Kate - has finished filming. I co-created the series for television. FALLEN stars Jessica Alexander, Sarah Niles, and Alexander Siddiq and was produced by Night Train Media and Silver Reel.

Variety story here

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HUMANS for China

My adaptation of the C4/AMC series won the Content Asia Award for Best Adaptation TV (scripted). The series is streaming in China on the TenCent and iQuyi streaming channelswhere it got over 35 million views in its first day of release. Episodes are being added each weekend. The series is the first ever sci-fi show made for Chinese television.


"Moore’s a multi-level writer, he won’t ever leave you hanging on a single story-strand."                                Warped Factor

"‘Fade Out’ by Roland Moore is a highlight not just of this set but arguably the whole series." Sci-fi Bulletin

"He provides a script which definitely kept us guessing, with more than one occasion where we were wrong footed.." Cultbox.

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