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FALLEN - the adaptation of the best-selling book by Lauren Kate - has finished filming. I co-created the series for television. FALLEN stars Jessica Alexander, Sarah Niles, and Alexander Siddiq and was produced by Night Train Media and Silver Reel.

Variety story here


I was very pleased to be invited to talk at the Mallorca Film Festival as part of the Islands of Fiction event. Speaking about creating and developing TV series, it was a joy to attend the festival and spend time with the delegates and other guests. Thanks for having me!


My adaptation of the C4/AMC series won the Content Asia Award for Best Adaptation TV (scripted). The series is streaming in China on the TenCent and iQuyi streaming channels where it got over 35 million views in its first day of release. The series is the first ever sci-fi show made for Chinese television. I worked as head writer on this series.

Updated Oct 2023



I was thrilled to have some lovely feedback for my Doctor Who story STONE COLD. Doctor Who Magazine said 'The script is fast-paced and full of incident, offering set piece after set piece.' They also said that '(Tom) Baker was at his absolute best''. Finally they wrote 'Ultimately, the highest praise that can be heaped on Stone Cold  is that it succeeds in taking the Weeping Angels - the most successful monsters of the 21 century show and transplanting them firmly into the 20th century version to the point when you'll have to pinch yourself in order to remember that they didn't originate in that golden period of Martian mummies and embryonic shape shifters'. As someone who adored that era of the show, this review meant a lot.


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